Transformational Coaching, also by phone

Transformational Coaching is aimed at effectively supporting professionals who experience changes and challenges at in their working environment, and for providing personal development.

Tailor-made Transformational Coaching is focused on quality and care; these sessions accentuate the role of the mind and the soul during the coaching process.
Renée’s expertise has been developed during a period of more than 25 years, and covers a wide range of disciplines:

• Very extensive experience in supervising and supporting doctors, paramedics, medical specialists, psychologists and other therapists. These specialists are in constant contact with patients/clients and are often confronted with a demanding workload.
• Create and implement inpidual reintegration programs for teachers.
• Career counselling and support for managerial staff within the business community or other organisations; in times of economic change and corporate reorganisation there is a great demand for counselling and support.
• Coaching writers, actors and others working in the arts and entertainment sector.

Transformational Coaching is often paid for by your employer (re-integration, ‘personal development plan’ etc. etc.). Coaching is tax deductible for business owners.