Psycho-spiritual reading: interpreting the living book of being

You can have a reading in the practice (if you have no complaints) but it can also be done by phone or via Zoom Pro.

The human energy system is an endless source of awareness about the individual it embraces. A reading of the energy system, a “living library” begins with the cooperation at soul level between you and the reader, and requires the lucid perception and understanding of the reader. The ‘perceived’ information is then interpreted by the reader to establish how and where you stand on your life’s path.

Your understanding of your energy system or aura stimulates, on a psychological level, the development of a profounder awareness of self. This can also be a starting point for psycho-spiritual counseling, in which your personal qualities, achievements, competences, and also your suffering, inner shadow, or unprocessed emotions are revealed and illumined.
Additionally, a reading focuses on how to effectively activate inner potentials towards self-realization and sheds light on how you can work on personal themes, unprocessed emotions and other challenges. Resolving psychological issues and integrating healing experiences contribute to fully living your life mission.

With an approaching or commencing key transformation, the learning “path” will be illuminated to encourage deeper spiritual understanding.
Many people feel a genuine desire for more meaning regarding their personal essence and life mission; the meeting of one’s own soul, as a result of an aura reading; can activate the self-healing capacity, the self-knowledge, and the inspiration to fulfill this desire.
To assist those wishing to work intuitively and more deeply with their inner development you are invited to record the reading so that it can later be explored at one’s own pace.

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging”
Joseph Campbell