Psycho-spiritual healing

Soul work

The psycho-spiritual tradition encourages a harmonious relationship between soul and mind; it also supports and promotes the energetic and fundamental exchange between them.
The soul embraces inner wisdom, love, and vibrant presence; it is also bound to the life mission, a living canvas to which man, here in this existence, can give expression, and form. Similarly in this life the personality layers of mind are structured in order to create safety, setup boundaries and shape the “I”.

If the life mission presents the opportunity for growth in the form of a test, then the soul recognises this as a learning process to enter into and experience, on the other hand the personality may feel resistance to any inner change stimulated by this same test. Change requires trust and active surrender.

It is in such a spiritual process that people are in need of the insight and the beneficial support given by the psycho-spiritual approach, through which the challenge can become an invitation to transformation.

To encourage this transformation the psycho-spiritual approach examines the deeper levels (of being) in order to approach the essential core, the origin of the blockage or imbalance. The essential core is considered to be the root of all manifestations.
After a process of release and transformation the healing will present itself in alignment with the soul’s path.

This process necessitates the carefully and individually tailored guidance to which every human being is entitled to. In honouring and accomplishing this process the psycho-spiritual philosophy acknowledges the heart as the centre of healing, and places great importance on integrity and non-judgment.

The psycho-spiritual approach is also associated to the Medicine Buddha or Azure Buddha and symbolises compassion, relief from suffering, and embodies wisdom and the capacity to touch imbalance and initiate a healing process.

Renée received the Medicine Buddha initiation in 1999 of the late Trogawa Rinpoche, a prominent Tibetan doctor.

“And we are put on earth a little space so that we may learn to bear the beams of Love”
William Blake