Psycho-spiritual and shamanic healing

Healing focuses on restoring the balance of the human energy system. The healing impulse stimulates purification and revitalisation of the energy system. The energy flow and energy frequency are vitally important for the well-being, the inner development, and the activation of the self-healing power located in the heart chakra. Love is a boundless healing power!

During a healing session, energy is directed towards grounding in the here and now, and the creating of balance between thinking and feeling. Healing works on both verbal and on non-verbal levels and can be applied to many imbalances. The healer first meditates and tunes into your soul and explores how the given theme can be treated.

The non-verbal aspect of healing is associated with the activation of a healthy circulation of subtle energy in the chakras.
If emotional release or the expression of inner needs is important for creating awareness and transformation, a verbal approach may be preferred. The resulting insights are crucial for integration of the healing energy

Both non-verbal and verbal healing sessions can be meaningful and effective for all manner of themes, including unprocessed trauma, searching for fulfillmenti, mourning processes, self-reflection, understanding blockages, spiritual experiences, recovering from illness, or symptoms of burnout.
Both healing approaches will be aligned to your personal healing requirements.

We may work from a more Western approach, as described above. Or we may decide upon a traditional shamanic approach, for example soul retrieval. Soul retrieval is used to discover, take care of, and return lost energy fragments that have splinted from the soul. This is a profound healing tool.
Healing sounds (voice, rattles, drums, or Tibetan bowls) may also be used as part of a shamanic session. Shamanic work ensures a shift of your consciousness

Upon request, tailor-made rituals for your inner development or for completing important transitions (e.g. rites of passage) are offered.

Systemic work is also a wonderful tool. Individual Constellations can be requested for many personal issues. You may already be familiar with Family Constellations therapy, in which attention is given to the energetic ‘transfer’ of unconscious or undisclosed emotional experiences that have been passed in families from generation to generation. I offer a 1 on 1 approach for systemic work.

In the shamanic view, ancestors (who are very much ‘alive’) may be requested to support purification, healing, and restoring harmony to personal and group energy systems.

During a sequence of sessions you’ll learn to actively empower inner wisdom (soul) within your personal healing process.

Between sessions there is always opportunity to share experiences via email. This supports your process and helps the integration of insights.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”