I would like to share with you how your private information is protected.


This website contains no cookies. This means that none of your personal information is stored or used.

This website uses HTTPS for a secure exchange of data.

When using HTTPS, the exchange of data is encrypted, making it impossible for someone to “listen” to or use any private information you share with me via email.


As your coach and for proper guidance I will keep a handwritten dossier about you.

Your dossier contains information you want to share with me during your consultations, in your emails and possibly during telephone consultations.

In addition, the dossier contains information such as your address, telephone number and date of birth.

Your privacy is protected.

This means, that your personal information is handled and safe guarded with care and as your coach I am the only person who has access to the information in your file.

As a therapist the professional code and the legally regulated medical confidentiality applies.

The information in your dossier can also be used for the following purposes: when referencing you to another practitioner. This happens only with your explicit permission.

A small part of the information from your dossier is used for the financial administration so I can draw up an invoice.

The information in a clients file can be kept up to two years after the end of the coaching process.
The accounts in which the invoices are registered must be kept by law for a period of 7 years (tax authorities)