Training for doctors and therapists

Since 1994 Renée has given psycho-spiritual training to physicians and therapists. Her weekend workshops, short courses, and year long studies for ongoing professional education are endorsed by the relevant professional associations.

The course consists of the teaching, the personal experience through inner work, and the cooperation with fellow students; the small class group ensures optimal study quality and thoroughness. In addition, you'll get concrete guidance and assignments. Self-motivation helps to integrate the acquired knowledge.
The psycho-Spiritual training welcomes all physicians, psychologists, therapists, coaches and teachers, but especially those people who wish to carry out their profession with integrity, self-reflection, and heart.

On this website you'll find the planned training sessions for 2018-2019, these are intended for people who are employed in health care or education. Although these trainings are given in Dutch. A new training is being organised for English speaking people!
Renée has comprehensive multi-language workshop experience, including, for example, English-language workshops at the International Congress for Homeopathic Doctors.

In addition Renée offers as a guest teacher and coach her expert assistance for professional studies in the health care. Upon request, she organises customised workshops where diverse topics, themes, and techniques are offered.

If you would like to receive more information about Training for doctors and therapists, please complete the form on the contact page. Renée will contact you as soon as possible.